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Portable Mini Ironing Machine

Portable Mini Ironing Machine

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馃挅馃尮Effortless Wrinkle Removal: Introducing Our Portable Mini Ironing Machine .馃挅馃尮


2-in-1 Wet & Dry Steam Iron:The micro steam iron has both dry and wet ironing experience to meet individual ironing needs. Turning on the power, and they can be heated to 300掳F within 2 minutes, you can iron your clothes directly, for a better and faster-ironing effect, you can also press the water spray button to spray water and then iron the clothes.

Upgraded Titanium Metal Panel:The steam iron for clothes uses a large titanium panel, irons at a constant temperature of 150鈩, quickly preheats, and irons smoothly. It can easily penetrate every fiber in the clothes so that the clothes can quickly recover as new, even the precious fabrics can be carefully taken care of without damaging the clothes.

Pointed Curved Design:The front and back sides of the hanging ironing machine panel are designed with water chestnut corners, which can flexibly iron narrow areas such as buttons, plackets, and collars, allowing the details to be displayed elegantly.

Transparent Visualization Water Tank:The mini steam iron uses a 60ml integrated water tank design. It is convenient to add water and will not leak water, and you can iron many pieces of clothing at a time. Transparent visualization can keep an eye on the water usage of the water tank at any time, easy to operate, and safer.

Portable Iron for Home & Travel:The garment steamer can be used to iron silk, plush, cotton, linen, and other fabrics. The mini hand-held iron can save space, lightweight, compact design, and is very suitable for travel, it can be easily put into suitcases and backpacks, and can be easily carried anytime, anywhere.

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Package Dimensions

24 x 9 x 9 cm

Item Weight

360 g

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Compact and Portable: The portable mini ironing machine is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry and store, ideal for travel, small living spaces, or quick touch-ups on the go.

Efficient Wrinkle Removal: Despite its size, the mini ironing machine effectively removes wrinkles and creases from clothing, ensuring a neat and polished appearance without the need for a full-sized ironing board.

Versatile Use: It can be used on various fabrics including shirts, blouses, dresses, and trousers, providing a convenient solution for maintaining clothing in between regular ironing sessions.

Time-Saving: The mini ironing machine heats up quickly and can be used directly on the garment, saving time compared to traditional ironing methods that require setting up an ironing board.

Safe and Easy to Use: With features such as automatic shut-off and ergonomic design, the portable mini ironing machine is safe and easy to use, suitable for users of all ages and skill levels.

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