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Hair Building Fiber

Hair Building Fiber

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Product Description:


  • Made of plant-based fibers, no allergic reactions.
  • Look totally natural (not greasy, painted, chalky or greenish look that you would get from other products)
  • Resistant to wind, rain and perspiration.
  • Stain-free




Gossypium Herbaceum (Levant cotton) fiber, mineral colorants (Iron oxide).


With the built-in atomizer, you can dispense product onto anywhere needed with precision and ease.


1. Hold the bottle approximately 5 inches away from your scalp and point the nozzle to the target area. (For front hairline, we recommend using this product in conjunction with a Hairline Perfector. Press the pump to dispense the product. To control the amount and speed, adjust the force exerted on the pump.

2. Gently pat your hair to blend product with your hair.

In general, it takes no longer than brushing your teeth in the morning.


I am completely bald. Should I buy This?

Sorry, no. We do not recommend to those who have no hair left on the scalp.

Will others be able to tell that I am using hair fiber?

No. Your hair will look completely natural--undetectable, even from close up, outdoors or under bright light.

How long will it stay on?

Will stay on until you shampoo your hair.

Will this make my scalp itchy?

No. Unlike other products which are made with animal furs. It is made of cotton fiber.  is all natural and hypoallergenic--even the most sensitive scalps will be completely comfortable with this.

Is this a hair dye? Does it color my hair?

No. it is not a hair dye and it will not color your hair. It is small hair fibers that adhere to your hair roots, therefore thickening your existing hair.

Does work for White hair?
Its works for any hair type, ranging from normal coarser hair to vellus hair (fine, non-pigmented hair, often called "peach fuzz") and everything in between. The application is flexible to accommodate any hair style including shaved, short, long, curly, kinky, wavy, braided, frizzy, straight, colored, highlighted or frosted hair.
Can cover gray roots?

Yes, Hair building fiber bottle is completely discreet with no indications of what this product is for.  Package is shipped inside non-marked mailing boxes or envelops, so no one has to know the content of the package.

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