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Roz Khareedo

Non-Rechargeable Telesopic Electric Fan

Non-Rechargeable Telesopic Electric Fan

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1. Retractable, foldable, convenient to carry
2. Curved large fan blade design, uniformly cutting air, powerful wind, up to 4.2 m/s, variable speed DC, brushless motor, stable and periodic variable speed, providing stable and strong power, simulating natural wind, low noise, low power consumption, quiet and comfortable
3. The front cover net is detachable, the fan blades can be wiped, and it is easy to clean
4. Simple touch operation, 1 or 3 levels of wind power can be adjusted, single press to switch wind speed,
5. It can be flipped up and down to supply air, satisfying large area of cool air supply
6. Easy to operate, just press the front net and rotate counterclockwise to take out the fan to stretch out

Product parameters:
Power: 9W
Charging power supply: 5V/0.8A
Product size: when folded and stored: body diameter * height: 17*8.5cm
When extended to the second section, the height is 30cm, when extended to the third section, the height is 36cm
Button mode: touch control

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