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SIT UP BAR | Physical Exercise At Home

SIT UP BAR | Physical Exercise At Home

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Burnlab Sit Up Bar

No more bothering anyone to do sit-ups for you! Get the most effective Ab workout right from home with the Burnlab Sit-up bar. It’s effective, easy to use, and great for gaining ab definition. This sit-up bar engages the right muscles, giving you the most effective ab workout in the least amount of time. Bring you a different comfortable exercise experience, help you shape the perfect figure.


  • Convenient for doing sit-ups every day, especially for busy people who don't have so much time doing exercise.

  • Design: Ergonomically designed, support rods, more soft foam-covered handle, comfortable padding to regulate traction on the back of the foot during sit ups to avoid ankle getting injuries or bruising.

  • Height  Adjustable: You can adjusts to four different heights for any foot size by flexible spring buckle, helping to hold your feet in place during workout.

Burnlab Sit Up Bar
  • High-Density Soft Foam: This sit-up equipment has super soft and non-slip ankle foam padding, very comfortable and durable. It can reduce injuries during sports.

Burnlab Sit Up Bar
  • Wide Use: Can be used for roll belly movement, push-ups, side kick, sit-ups, stretching back and elbow plank, press-up to exercise the abdomen and tighten the whole body muscles, yoga exercise hands and legs, a variety of functions application. Suitable for fitness men & women.

Burnlab Sit Up Bar
  • Easy Installation: Small occupation, easy to install and disassemble, quickly assembly simply takes a few minutes, convenient to use.

  • Strong Suction Cup: Portable sit-up bar is designed with strong suction that allows it can be attached firmly to the floor to provide a safe and stable stand for your workout.

Burnlab Sit Up Bar


  • Find a clean and flat ground and (avoid the gap between the ground)wipe the floor clean with a towel
  • Please keep the floor clean when using, and clean the suction cup.
  • Please press the foam padding with one hand and then push the wrench down. Lastly, make sure it is firmly attached.
  • Note: Make sure there is no space at the bottom! Otherwise, the suckers will not stick to the floor.
Burnlab Sit Up Bar
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